Room Hire – Terms and Conditions

General information

The main hall is available for events, exhibitions, parties and large meetings and has the capacity to hold 80 people. 

The Meeting Room is available for smaller meetings of 2-10 people.  Food and drink is only permitted when this room is hired for this specific purpose.

A kitchen and basic crockery, cutlery and a cooker/hob are available for hirers’ use by arrangement.

Hire Costs

The Main Hall

Daytime hiring, up to 6pm, is subject to a minimum of 3 hours at a cost of £50 and thereafter the rate is £20 an hour. Evening bookings or groups of 40 and above are charged at £20 per hour. Both of these are for the use of the main hall, this includes the use of the kitchen.   Hirers need to include time for setting up and clearing the venue in the hours booked.

Meeting Room

The cost of hiring the Meeting Room is £10 per hour.


A £40 deposit is required for bookings for the main hall which are for over four hours; events booked for less than 4 hours require a £20 deposit. 

Bookings for the Meeting Room require a £10 deposit 

The deposit is part of the total fee.

Cancellation charges

If cancelled 1 month or more before the booking date:  No charge, the deposit will be returned.

If cancelled less than one month before the booking date:  The deposit will be retained.   

Payment methods

Deposit should be paid immediately on booking by BACS.  The preferred method of paying the balance is by BACS, one week before the event. Cash payments can be made by prior arrangement and must be made at least one week before the date of the event. 

Bank details for BACS payments:

Bank: Lloyds Bank

Account Name: 43rd Huddersfield Scout Group

Sort Code: 30-94-43

Account number: 00250515

Important Information

Fire Safety

Fire exits are clearly marked (front door, main hall fire doors).

Fire extinguishers are clearly marked and located throughout the building.

Fire alarm panel is located in the front entrance.

In the event of a fire, there are various ‘break glass’ points throughout the building.

The meeting area, in the event the building needs to be evacuated, is located in the car park, at the front of the building. 


First Aid Kit location

First Aid kits are located: In the kitchen.

All incidents that have the potential to result in an injury should be entered into the accident book, located: In the office

Please inform us at the end of your event of any accidents or incidents or if any items have been removed or used from the First Aid Box. 

Rubbish Disposal

Some of our hirers’ events, and especially parties, generate quite an amount of rubbish which it costs the Hall to dispose of. Each booking will therefore allow for six black bags (tied up please) to be disposed of in the grey bin located outside the main entrance. Please note, glass (bottles etc) must be removed from the premises, by the hirer as we do not have glass recycling facilities.     

Terms and conditions

  1. The hirer must be 18 years of age or over and will be responsible for the supervision and care of the premises, the contents, furnishings and the décor. They are also deemed to be responsible for the behaviour of everyone attending the event. The hirer must be present for the duration of the event or meeting.
  2. The hirer must not sub-let the premises or use it for any purpose other than the one stated on the booking form.
  3. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all exits remain clear and unlocked.
  4. The hirer will made be aware of the fire alarm systems, the positions of fire -fighting equipment and first aid boxes. Access to fire extinguishers must not be obstructed.  
  5. The hirer is responsible for calling the Fire Service if necessary and ensuring that the people in the building are evacuated in a calm and orderly manner. Details of any fire, however started and details of any damage caused must be submitted to the 43rd Scout Group , in writing, with 24 hours of the incident.
  6. The hirer must ensure that all electrical appliances bought into the Hall for use during the function are safe to use and any leads are safely secured in order to ensure that they do not present a safety hazard.
  7. Any decorations used must not cause damage that could require remedial work. The Hirer is advised to use masking tape and not to use sellotape to affix any decorations. The hirer will be liable for any damage caused by the decorations or any materials used to secure them.
  8. No naked flames, indoor fireworks or party cannons may be used in the Hall, with the exception of small cake candles on a celebration cake.
  9. 43rd Scout Group  do not accept any responsibility for articles or clothing left in the Hall following the event but will inform the named hirer of any items found.
  10. 43rd Scout Group will ensure the Hall is clean, tidy and undamaged prior to the event and all appliances are in working order. Any unrepaired damage will be communicated to the hirer.  If the hirer finds that this is not the case they should take a photograph of the area concerned and send this, via a text message to 07881 493552.
  11. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the premises are left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the event. All waste food, bottles, cans, wrappings etc. must be disposed of in the bins provided and all others items must be removed. Tables must be wiped clean and stacked on the table trolley and chairs on the chair trollies.  Glass (bottles etc) must be removed from the premises, by the hirer.   
  12. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that everyone leaves the event in a quiet and orderly fashion so local residents are not disturbed.
  13. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises. 
  14. The hirer must not permit the use of recreational drugs or other similar substances in the Hall or in its grounds.
  15. Teenage parties are only permitted if they are family parties and a ratio of one over 21 year old per 4 teenagers must be present for the duration of the party.  An extra £50 deposit is required for such parties. This is returnable by bank transfer if the Hall is left in a clean, tidy, undamaged condition as it was at the commencement of the party. Failure to comply will result in the deposit being retained to pay for the cleaning etc.

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